Your brain comprises 2-3% of your mass, but consumes more than 20% of your oxygen

Sitting at the oxygen bar pre-float gives you a moment to:

1Enjoy the scents of essential oils. For many, these scents set the stage for their float. Some of our oils relax. Some invigorate.

2Chat with your host. We are always happy to hear what you are up to!

3Focus on breathing. Slowly inhale and exhale. Some have reported a euphoric feeling while performing this exercise.

4Ask questions. It is a great time to ask any questions about a previous float or solicit tips and tricks from your host.

The Drop of Calm Oxygen Bar


Almost all oxygen bars use an oxygen concentrator to push ~96% pure oxygen through scented water. The scent is usually a powder and the solution is contained in plastic. At Drop of Calm, we kick it up a notch.


Our oxygen bar has the same concentrator, but we switch to glass bottles so we can utilize essential oils. This isn't scented powder; we're talking high quality essential oils dropped into highly filtered water. We have an array of blends on hand to assist with calming, focus, and meditation. You are welcome to bring your own oils! Just let us know at the time you schedule so we can have a fresh bottle ready for you.

Oxygen bar can also be utilizied independently of a float.

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