As you may have already heard, Drop of Calm has THE most amazing customers. This walk through was written and photographed by Jen Miesbach. It is too good to not have on this site. Please enjoy.

The Floating Experience!

A lot of people have asked me about floating. It's hard to describe! First of all, it's weird. It sounds weird when you explain it. It's weird when you're in the tank, by yourself in this box of water. But at the same time, IT IS AWESOME! And it's just hard to explain awesome, but you know it when you do it!

So, to give a little insight for those of you who've asked, and those of you who've wondered and hadn't, I took a few pictures during my float today, too try and show/explain, this little piece of awesome!


First off, this is the place!! It's in downtown Nampa, easy to find, and BONUS, just a few doors down from Flying M! (YUM!) There is a float place in Boise (, But I know the owners of Drop of Calm, so that's why I come here. This is also how I got introduced to floating. I got a free float for my birthday, so I decided, what the heck. With the Crohn's, and the awesome side effects of arthritis and kidney stones, I'm always in pain. Always. So, I'll usually try anything to help with that. Free float, hour of my time, what is there to lose? Except becoming totally addicted to doing this weekly, nothing. :)


I usually deposit my bags next to my favorite chair first. If you go, you have to sit in this chair! It's like getting a hug, from a chair (but less creepy than like one from Chairy in Pee Wee's Playhouse). Then, say hi to Caleb and Elisha (and now Baby Axel!). I knew Caleb from work, and met Elisha through frequent floating. They are both chill, awesome people, who if you go, will take great care of you and make sure you love your floating experience. Trust me! They love doing this! OxygenBar Next, the oxygen bar. I don't always like to do this, because the "nose hose", as they are lovingly called, remind me too much of the hospital, surgery, etc. But, it really is great pre-float to just relax you. Each of those beakers have some essential oils, so you get some aromatherapy too! DoorHandle Now, you get shown to your room! Each tank is in it's own room. For those of you who are paranoid about the idea, claustrophobic, whatever, here's a little piece of control for you. There's a lock on the door to each room! It's a totally safe environment, and you really will not need to use it. But, if it helps for peace of mind, there you go. Also - a note.....notice the white spots. You'll see them a lot. It's just Epsom salt. This place is super clean, but when you get in and out of the tanks, there's just gonna be some salt spots around.


This is the room! Big, right! The tank is that white thing there. This is the smaller of the two and is actually about 4x8 feet. The other tank is a bit bigger. so lots of room to spread out. There's a mirror on the wall, hooks to hang your stuff, even outlets if you wanted to bring a hair dryer etc for after.


Notice the little box from the previous picture. A little close up, and a little about the water...... The tank has about 10 inches of water, and about a 1000 lbs of Epsom salt. It is body temperature, so you're not going to be too hot, and not too cold. Shower So, as soon as you get settled and ready, first, you're going to take a shower. Remember that previous picture, and me mentioning a 1000 lbs of Epsom salt....... No, they do not change the water after every float. It would just be silly. You don't change the water in a pool or a hot tub after every use do you? No. There's things done to the water to keep it clean for every person, and with all that Epsom salt, there aren't going to be any germs, or anything else you might be paranoid about. But back to the first shower. The first shower is for everyone else who floats after you. To get any lotions, etc. off to help keep the water clean. You have to use the soap that they have there for this first shower, but it's really great soap. That's what is in that little clear tube thingy there. Just like you should shower before you get in a pool or hot tub to keep that water clean.....oh, you don't do that? Well then your argument is invalid! :) PillowAndEarPlugs After you shower, you're going to get ready to get in! First though, earplugs. I recommend wearing earplugs. Water gets in your ears, along with all that salt. But, it's a personal preference. The neck rest you can use while you float if you want a little extra support. I don't use it, but again, preference. The Vaseline......if you have any cuts, bug bites, etc. put a little of this on it. That salt is gonna STING if you don't! Trust me on this one. I had a spider bite and thought I could power through it. Use the Vaseline! And, there's towels there for you, and some Q-tips for to use on your ears for after your float. Time to get in! I recommend stepping in, sitting down, close the door, and then sliding and stretching out. The bottom is going to feel slick, so you don't want to slip! InsideSamadhi Here's a picture of the inside, with the flash, just so you can see. But really, once you close the door, it's going to be dark in there, quiet, and a bit humid. There really is plenty of room to stretch out. If you feel claustrophobic, you can leave the door open. But really, you won't feel that way. I know that it's a box, but once you're in there, it is really a feeling of infinite space. I know it sounds weird. But really, it's like you're floating in space. Yes there are four walls, and you can feel them. You might even play a bit of pong with yourself bouncing from wall to wall. You will feel that space kind of feeling though. For those that get worried about being bored, or pre occupied with a thought or just being in your own head, don't. You just can't hold a thought in there. Your brain will really just float along with you from idea to idea to idea. I've tried to focus on one thing and just really think about something. Can't do it. I usually float for an hour. There is music that plays when the hour is up, but usually, my body knows. I feel like I want to stretch, and I'm kinda hungry! (Food is way better post float!) Shower Now it's time to shower again! You're going to feel a bit slimy with that salty water on you, so you're going to want to shower. This shower is for you, so use your own soap shampoo, whatever you like. I still use the same soap they have there cause I like it. :) That little blue bottle is vinegar. That's to use in your ears to help dry them out if you didn't use the earplugs, or got some water in them. Lobby And now, done! I like to sit for a minute and just rest. There's tea there for you, water too. It's nice to just chill for a minute because I always have float brain, and am not necessarily the most focused, which is not so great for driving..... So it's good to chill for a minute. Or go over to Flying M, wander around downtown Nampa for a bit (there's cool stores down there!!). Hopefully all this satisfies some curiosity, and answers some questions. More importantly, makes you want to try it!!! It's really the best thing I've done for myself in a long time, and I really think everyone should be doing it! Hence why I'm always taking new people with me to try it!! Give it a chance, you'll like it!! :)