• What do I need to bring?

    Just yourself. We have everything you need here. Soap, shampoo, conditioner, towels, and foam earplugs are all provided.
  • How should I prepare?

    Eat a light meal. Stomach noises can be pretty loud in the absence of any other sound. Do not shave in the 4 hours prior to your float. Avoid caffeine.
  • Do I wear a bathing suit?

    We strongly advise against wearing a suit while floating. It can be a distraction. You have a private room for the duration of your float session.
  • Do you change the water between each float?

    No. Bacteria could not survive in the salt solution if it was introduced, but we still go the extra mile by sanitizing the solution and filtering three times after every float.
  • How often should I float?

    How often you float depends on your needs. Athletes, for instance, will want to float after especially intense workouts or prior to competitions. Floating weekly can assist with pain management. For those that prefer floating to a massage, once per month is probably about right. You are the only one that knows how often you should float.
  • How long should I float?

    We recommend starting with 90 minutes and adjusting from there.
  • What if I'm claustrophobic?

    Many people with claustrophobia float on a regular basis. The pod door has no latch of any kind. Once it is closed, the feeling is more "infinite space" than "confined area". A few people have found it helpful to prop the door open slightly.
  • How often should I float?

    Float as often as you'd like! For pain relief, try to float at least once per week.
  • Can I float if I am pregnant?

    Floating has proven to provide pregnant women with immense relief. Elisha enjoyed it a great deal. The reduced gravity and relaxing environment ease aches and stress. It can even be a wonderful bonding time with your baby. If you have any questions or concerns, please ask your doctor before floating.
  • Can I float during my period?

    Yes. Take the same precautions you would with swimming.
  • Does floating do anything to my hair?

    For the same reason that floating moisturizes your skin, it also moisturizes your hair. That can also strip dye from your hair.
  • Is this like that thing in that show?

    Exactly like that. You will turn in to a monkey while visiting an alien dimension as the tank tumbles down a hill.
  • Follow up to the above - Really?!

    No. While our tanks may be similarly shaped to things you've seen in movies and TV shows, the presentation and impact is quite a bit different. Watch for the upcoming Float Nation documentary if you'd like a more realistic view of floating.