Floating gives you complete freedom from external stimuli. Your mind gains complete focus in the floatation tank's environment. By taking advantage of this, you can extend the benefits of a finely tuned mind to the rest of your life. Floatation therapy acts like mental training wheels! Some common activities:

  • Prayer - you will feel the difference when there are no distractions
  • Meditation - start at zero instead of working toward zero
  • Visualization - see yourself attaining goals
    • Studies have shown floatation therapy effectively assists with weight loss, tobacco cessation, alcohol cessation, athletic achievement , academic achievement, marksmanship... if having a better tuned mind will assist, floatation can help
  • Hallucination - don't chase it; just let it happen
  • Out of body experience - usually only happens with regular floating
  • Nothing - maybe you didn't know it was an activity
  • Sleeping - the best nap you will ever have

Everyone is unique, and there are no external stimuli in the tank. This means we all experience something different. Trying to force an experience is the most likely way to guarantee it will not happen. Just relax. With regular floating, you will be the water.

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Bruce Lee, Be Water My Friend from Kim, sung-dong on Vimeo.