Drop of Calm is a two-tank float center and oxygen bar in downtown Nampa, Idaho. We offer membership from $2499 and single floats from $3299.


Me and my friend had a GREAT time! It was our 1st float - they were great at walking us through and getting us set up. The float was a neat experience, I will definitely come back next time I have sore muscles and tension, I think it would be amazing, my body was so relaxed after the 90 mins. I felt kind of wobbly afterwards, SOOO relaxed. The oxygen bar may have been my favorite part, saddling up there with my friend and talking to the owner, was a great start to our relaxing evening.

Stephanie A

Very nice! Made even first timers feel welcome. Very organized and clean. I will be back! thank you

Jennifer D

A practice that I cannot recommend enough that is hosted by a family of truly wonderful people. Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE!!!) owes themselves the service of trying this a couple of times. The level of deep relaxation it offers followed by a lasting peace of mind is well worth your time, money, and effort!

Dichotomous O T


 I just experienced my first float. I chose the 90-minute float with the oxygen bar. I had no clue what to expect; however, I was pleasantly surprised. I floated the day after I had stacked 2+ cords of hardwood, and the soothing water removed all the aches and stiffness from my muscles. To me, 90 minutes seemed like an incredibly long time, but I can now see the benefits of staying in that long. I was just about to get out, even if my time wasn't up, but decided to try some sustained stretches instead. I did a full-body stretch, which I held for about 2 minutes, and that did the trick. It relaxed my body, and I was able to continue floating comfortably. I repeated the stretch several times during the float, and I would highly recommend it for those who are not used to being still for such a long period of time. I will definitely do this again!

Shari R

It was an amazing experience. I look forward to returning.

Aaron W

It was a really cool experience!

Corey M

We cherish our floats with Drop of Calm. Nothing like it. You make us feel comfortable and at ease. Wouldn't change a thing.

Wade S